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Weld-On 4 is a water-thin cement formulated to develop clear bond within minutes with a longer time full bond strength than Weld-On 3.  It is less likely to leave white marks (commonly called blushing) with significant and increased strength reached over several hours.  Weld-On 4 will also bond styrene, butyrate and polycarbonates to themselves. Supplied in pint metal cans.

Weld-On 4 is non-flammable, has a working time of 1-2 minutes and a fixture time of 3 minutes.  Weld-On 4 is a blush-resistant cement for bonding acrylic to itself.

The bond is achieved by first softening the surfaces to be joined and then fusing them together with dissipation of the solvent. Strong butt joints are made with flat sheets by using the soak method for such applications as cementing letters to acrylic panels.

Weld-On 4 is used extensively for fabrication and cementing of:

  • Acrylic letters to flat presentation panels
  • Display & presentation cases
  • Medical equipment assembly
  • Trim capping of cutout letters
  • Plastic containers & pre-forms
  • Solvent welded structures & subassemblies using the capillary method

Please read the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), available at www.assemblyadhesives.com, before using this product.

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